Discovering Christ

Faith Formation

Join us in the Parish Center for Discovering Christ -- a seven-week awakening of your relationship with Jesus. Enjoy delicious dinners while joining others in a spiritual exploration of the meaning of life and the identity of Jesus Christ.

This experience is designed for you to revitalize your faith or to bring your friends and family who have been away from the church and are open to exploring the meaning of life in Jesus Christ.

Complimentary dinners, no books, no fees, no homework!

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For more information, contact Lynn Ruezinsky by phone at 908-751-1750 or email at


Week Items Needed
Oct 10

What Does Jesus Want Us to Know?

Oct 17 Why Do I Need a Savior?
Oct 24

Why Is the Resurrection Important to Us?


ChristLife Retreat

Nov 7

New Life in the Spirit: Being a Catholic Disciple

Nov 14 Believing and Belonging: Why We Need the Church

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