Diocesan Requirements for All Adults (18 and older)

Protecting God's Children

The following are 2 Diocesan Reguirements for all adults (18 years of age and older) working with children in Religious Education, Vacation Bible School, Boy Scouts, Youth Group, Squires, Altar Servers, Youth Choirs, to name a few.

A Criminal History Background Check

This is done through fingerprinting. Only fingerprinting through the Metuchen Diocese is acceptable. If you were fingerprinted as a teacher, coach, nurse, etc., this does not meet The Diocesan requirement. Please note that you will not be qualified to work with the youth till the results from your fingerprints are received in the Diocesan Office of Child and Youth Protection. Please note that the due to statewide demand this process after obtaining an appointment and being fingerprinted is taking almost 2 months from State Police. If you intend to volunteer this September, time is running out. Please call the office at 782-2922 x 1728 to obtain necessary paper work or with any questions.

Protecting God’s Children Training

All parish adults are required to attend this training if not previously taken. This seminar educates adults on how to identify and prevent child sexual abuse thereby creating a safer environment in our parish for all our children.

Our next session will be on Sep 24 at 7:00pm. You may Preregister online at www.virtusonline.org. Visit the website for more dates and locations in the Metuchen Diocese.