Divorce CARE

Mar 18 Divorce CARE

Many people who have separated and/or are divorced describe the experience as emotionally draining, painful, spiritual upheaval, traumatic, challenging, necessary evil and/or a radical life transition. Some experience confusion, feel misunderstood, isolated, and have many questions about issues they have never faced before.

Our mission is to assist in the healing process through Divorce Care, a two-part program that is both a workshop and support group. The program facilitators are lay people who are living examples of life after divorce. We want you to know that there is hope for your future and for your children’s too. As you share your feelings and experiences in the Divorce Care group, you will become part of a family.

You are invited to participate in a divorce support group beginning Mid March and concluding Mid June. Meetings will be held in the Spiritual Formation Center. Please join us and begin your road to healing.

Please feel free to call our facilitators for more information, questions or concerns Mrs. Barbara Geraghty 908-812-7372 or email BSBG53@aol.com or Ms. Toni Martin 908-391-5063 or email Toni_martin_587@comcast.net.