Parish Coat of Arms

08-12-2021Parish Life

As we prepare to celebrate the parish’s 175th Anniversary next year, we have found the Coat of Arms for our parish.


Weekly Adoration

12-31-2017Parish LifeBill and Anne Marie Kelly

Growing up in our respective Catholic parishes in Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia and in Philadelphia, PA, we had been exposed to Adoration weekly thanks to our religious sisters who taught us. From time to time afterwards, in the last 50 years, we would take advantage of Adoration opportunities at our Parishes.

When we heard that Father Tim would be having daily Adoration at St Magdalen's we thought that it would be a great opportunity to visit with Our Lord whenever we wanted to, just like we did before. So we would stop in our chapel occasionally and it thrilled us that we were going to begin having Committed Adorers.


My Experience as a Sacristan

11-19-2017Parish LifeXander Dowd

When we arrive for Mass, we may notice a flurry of activity taking place – someone, sometimes dressed as an altar server, may be setting up items on the Credence table in the front near the altar. This person is probably a sacristan. We asked Zander Dowd, one of the sacristans, to tell us about hisexperience.

Describe the duties of a sacristan. As a sacristan I am responsible for preparing the altar for each Mass. I set up for each Mass by lighting the candles, getting the hosts and chalice ready and helping out with anything else that needs to be done before each Mass. In addition, I can also serve for Mass if needed. This is my first year as sacristan, and so far I enjoy it. I like helping out to make things run smoothly, the chance to chat a little with the priests, and breakfast before the 9:00 Mass!


Profound Effects

10-01-2017Parish LifeMeg Snyder

When a dear friend ofmine encouraged me toattend ChristLife, my initial reaction was to politely decline. After more conversation, she quelled my anxiety,and I realized she knewwhat I needed more than Idid. I conceded and em-barked on what was to become a life changingjourney.

ChristLife emboldened me to delve into myfaith and to nurture my relationship with Christand all the offerings of the Church. It hasbrought awareness to the graces that He offersus on a daily basis, and the courage and willingness to accept and embrace them. I havesurrendered my trust and have faith in Jesus asour Savior. Through a gradual transformation,the series has had profound effects on me,bringing peace, healing, strength and meaningto my life.


Let Us Pray!

09-17-2017Parish LifeDan Sullivan

When I was a young boy, my parents taught my five siblings and me how to pray. At dinnertime, with all eight of us around the table, we would pray, "Bless us O Lord…" for the gift of the day and the meal we were about to receive. Every night, before bedtime, we would kneel at the side of our beds and recite the Our Father, Hail Mary and the Angel of God prayers. We would end with our own special intentions, praying for our family, friends, and others less fortunate. I'm certain my parents had to pray for the strength at the end of a long day to herd six kids to this nightly ritual. But I am eternally grateful they did. God bless them! Prayer has always been an important part of my life, as it is a source of great strength and encouragement during difficult times, and it provides me with the opportunity to express my profound gratitude for the blessings in my life.


Why ChristLife?

08-20-2017Parish LifeRobert Behre

We come to St. Magdalen’severy Sunday and take varying approaches to the experience. My weeklyChurch experience certainlywasn’t one that would be written about in books but it was an experience typical of, I believe, many.

When I think back to just ayear ago, I’d have to say my Church experience was robotic and, thus, unfulfilling. The strange thing forme was that I accepted that robotic experience in placeof a real relationship with Jesus. I convinced myself I was getting something from that experience. Here’sthe thing. I wasn’t. I knew that wasn’t the case when I stopped long enough to honestly examine my behavior and admit to myself that I was going throughthe motions.


An Interview with Jan Coey Catechist for 7th grade faith formation class

08-13-2017Parish Life

What was it that inspired you to become involved in this ministry?

Sister Christine approached me and said she saw my family at Mass and asked if I would consider being an aide in the classroom. I had been pondering the thought for some time so this personal invitation from Sister helped me to say "yes." Sister assigned me to be an aide in the classroom that was focusing on Salvation History. I had no clue what that meant so I signed up for a Quick Journey Bible study to understand what it all meant so that I would be prepared. After several sessions were completed, I felt like I could relate to the kids and was more confident that I could make a difference in a classroom. That was a turning point for me.


An Interview with Jessica Stefanick: Aide for 5th Grade Faith Formation Class

08-06-2017Parish Life

What was it that inspired you to become involved in this ministry?

It happened during the last session of Symbolon. I was participating in the program with my two sons and at the end of our class, all the teachers came together so that the parents could acknowledge their gratitude. Bridget said that if anyone we knew might be interested in serving as an aide or a catechist in the children's classes to let her know. When I heard that plea, I got a gut reaction that I should speak to her. But I thought, I am a single mom of two and it would be too much and I can't do this now. So I made a deal with God that if in six months I was still thinking about teaching, I would inquire about it. Six months later I was still thinking about serving so I called Bridget and asked if I could help out and she put me in a classroom as an aide.


Welcome Ministry

06-18-2017Parish Life

The newly founded WelcomeMinistry at St. Magdalen’s is doing a great deal of good in the lives of those who come to our parish seeking spiritual nourishment. People who are new to our parish or who have simply never registered call St. Magdalen’s parish secretary, Carmela . Once initial contact has been made, Carmela reaches out to Lyn Anderson, the coordinator for the Welcome Ministry. Lyn has ten people on her team who she in turn assigns to reach out to individuals and their families.