Purity of Heart

01-23-2022Eucharistic Adoration

In the Beatitudes, Jesus reveals that those who are clean of heart will be able to see God.Purity is a requirement to behold God both in Heaven and on Earth. Yet what does it meanto be clean of heart? It means to strive more and more to see others as they truly are:beloved children of God who are made in His image and likeness. It means seeking tofind Jesus hidden in our neighbor. Purity and faith go handin hand. The pure recognize Jesus hidden in humanity. The faithful recognizeJesus hidden in the Eucharist.May we be granted the grace to recognize Jesus always and in everyone.f

Prayers during Adoration

01-09-2022Eucharistic Adoration

When you come for a visit with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament you could use the following two prayers at the beginning of your visit. The third prayer could be prayed before you leave.

Prayer of Adoration

I adore you Jesus, true God, and true man, present in the holy Eucharist, kneeling before you and united in spirit with all the faithful on earth and all the saints in heaven. In gratitude for so great a blessing, I love you with all my heart, for you are worthy of all praise and adoration. Lord Jesus Christ, may I never offend you with my lack of love. May your Eucharistic presence refresh me in body and soul. Mary, Mother of the Eucharistic Lord, pray for me and obtain for me a greater love for Jesus. Amen.


Feast of the Epiphany

01-02-2022Eucharistic Adoration

Today the Church celebrates the Feast of the Epiphany - the manifestation of Jesus as the Christ or ‘Anointed one of God’ to all the world. The Magi teach us a great deal about how we ought to approach Jesus in Eucharistic Adoration. First they approached with faith, recognizing that this was no ordinary child but rather the Son of God. We too must look upon the consecrated host, not as ordinary bread but as the hidden God. Secondly they presented the Lord with gifts, the best of what they had to offer. When we approach the Lord Jesus we must present Him with all that we are and all that we have our minds, and our hearts. In this way our Lord will continue to manifest His presence to us and through us to all the world.

Three Comings of Christ

12-12-2021Eucharistic Adoration

In Advent the Church prepares for the three comings of Christ. She prepares for His coming as a little baby atChristmas. She prepares for His coming at the end of time, when He will come to judge the living and thedead. She also prepares for the coming of Christ in the Eucharist. Emmanuel means “God is with us” (Matthew1:23). In the Eucharist Jesus is truly ‘God with us’. When Jesus came as a little baby He was vulnerable andweak; He hid his divinity. In the Eucharist Jesus continues to make himself vulnerable and weak, and hidesboth his divinity and his humanity. God came to save us from our sins 2000 years ago, yet He remains in theEucharist to heal us from the effects of our sin.

There are many forms of prayer.

12-05-2021Eucharistic Adoration

We can offer praise to God for who He is. We can offer thanksgiving forwhat He has done, but we can also pray for others and make their needs and concerns our own. This is calledintercessory prayer. Often in times of trial or difficulty the only thing we can say to someone who is strugglingis that we will pray for them. We can place that person on our hearts and then go before Jesus in the BlessedSacrament and offer Him our hearts. He will hear our prayers and answer them according to what is truly goodfor us and for others.

Behold the Face of God

11-28-2021Eucharistic Adoration

Heaven is the place where we shall behold the face of God unveiled. On this Earth we can also behold the face of God yet only the eyes of faith are able to recognize Him. St. Thomas says that on the cross Jesus hid His divinity but in the Eucharist He hides both His divinity and His humanity. It is only through faith that we can look upon the white host and recognize the Lord and giver of life, for “faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things unseen”—Hebrews 11:1. May we look upon our God with faith on this Earth so that we may behold Him in His glory in Heaven.

In November, We Remember the Faithful Departed

11-07-2021Eucharistic Adoration

In November the Church commemorates the souls of the faithful departed. We recall that while the Souls inPurgatory are suffering in anticipation of their entrance into Heaven, they can no longer pray for themselves.We are each called to pray for the dead. In Eucharistic Adoration, we bring our own needs but also the needsof those who have gone before us. Praying for the dead is a powerful reminder that this life is not our finaldestination. One day we will also need the prayers of those whom we have left behind. May we recognize thevalue of human life and feel compassionate for our brothers and sisters in Purgatory.