09-03-2017ChristLifeElizabeth Seboria

I first heard about ChristLife last year when the young adult ministry was ending. Having been raised Catholic and very involved in ministry at St. Magdalen's, I originally thought that ChristLife wasn't for me. However, I had a curiosity inside of me to discover what ChristLife was. I felt called to sign up for it, and I am glad I did.


Asking New Questions

01-08-2017ChristLifeJamie Parmese

Admittedly, I was only able to attend one session during the ‘Discovering Christ’ series of ChristLife, due to sickness. Yet by taking the questions we discussed in the first session and meditating upon them on my own time in the following weeks, I still experienced a change in how I view my relationship with Christ. Pondering these questions helped me to realize that I needed to re-evaluate my relationship with Him.


Becoming Fit in Your Faith

09-18-2016ChristLifeBarb Urcinas

In his homily a few weekends ago, Deacon Stephen spoke about how entering the narrow gate requires us to be fit. But how do we become fit? Pushups and interval training aren’t mentioned in the Bible. One way to become more fit in our faith will begin here at St. Magdalen’s on September 20, with the ChristLife initiative.

When I was invited to attend the first meeting for ChristLife, I didn’t know what to expect. I was rather busy with religious education and choir already –was there time in the schedule for another activity? But I was curious – this was different from a bible study, and there would be dessert! I decided to attend the meeting. What I learned has helped me to improve my faith fitness.


An Unexpected Journey

09-11-2016ChristLifeBruce Debacco

Last February I was asked to facilitate a table discussion at a meeting introducing ChristLife. I was given a brief overview of what ChristLife was about, but at the time I had no idea what a powerful impact it could have on a person's life (including my own). After the meeting I was asked to be a facilitator for ChristLife in September. Again, little did I know of the journey I was about to embark upon.


True Discipleship

09-04-2016ChristLifeLynn Ruezinsky

Over the past decade at my home parish (St. Bernard of Clairvaux), I’ve studied and developed a zeal for both the New Evangelization and the role that small faith groups can play in revitalizing our faith. When I learned about the ChristLife program and how it brings these two passions of mine together, I knew I had to do what I could to support the effort. My focus was on bringing others to Christ, but my own relationship with Him wasn’t as deep as I wanted it to be. I hoped this effort would bring me closer to Jesus, too; and it did not disappoint!


Why Having a Relationship with Christ Matters

08-28-2016ChristLifeMarie Bacino

I was born and raised in the Catholic faith, but never really felt close to Jesus. I knew that He loved me, but I hadn’t experienced a true “relationship” with Him. Having a relationship with someone means that you open yourself up to them. You can receive friendship and love,but you also can become vulnerable, and get hurt. It takes caring and effort to have a true relationship with someone, and that can scare people away from even trying. I think I was scared of having a relationship with Jesus. I think I felt that I was unworthy, or not good enough to love Him the way that He loves me. I thought that it would take a lot of work and that I had to be the “perfect” Catholic. I asked myself “Would He reject me?”


Seeking Deeper Understanding

08-21-2016ChristLifeJonathan Hosler

In September, our Parish will introduce 'Discovering Christ' as part of ChristLife; a seven-week opportunity to awaken your relationship with Christ. This past February, I responded to an invitation to come and learn about ChristLife and to consider becoming a small group facilitator.


Letting the Lord Lead

08-14-2016ChristLifeSharon Oddy

When I first heard about ChristLife and learned that they wanted me to be a facilitator, I was confused. I am religious and I am raising my family in the Catholic faith – as I was raised – but I am extremely busy with my life, work and family. And, while I am deeply faithful, I didn't know what level of spiritually was needed to be a successful facilitator; I wasn't sure that I was the right person. Quite frankly, I knew others, who I felt were much better suited to carry this message.


God Never Gives Up on Us

08-07-2016ChristLifeMichaelyn Hein

A few years ago, I developed a very intimate relationship with Jesus. Through God's grace, I discovered in amazement that a regular person like me could have a real relationship with Him. I marveled when I heard His voice and at the ways in which He tended to my tiniest needs.

But, then, for many reasons, I pulled away. When I felt an urge to pray, I turned to something "worldly" instead, because praying was suddenly too difficult. Eventually, I felt so far from Jesus that I wasn't sure how to return. I wanted His very real presence in my life again, but I believed I'd lost my chance. That He had rightly given up on me.