The Holy Family’s Marriage Advice

12-26-2021Liturgy CornerTom Hoopes

Ways that Jesus, Mary, and Joseph set us on the right track in everyday life.

My son is getting married this weekend, and his Christmastime wedding is making me think of how the Holy Family’s lessons apply to everyday life. Here are four ways.

First, God makes things way harder — and way happier — for you.

I know a priest once who had a saying: “Mary got Jesus, and then all her troubles began.” It’s true. Even those God appoints a special task — especially those whom God appoints a special task — can expect things to get harder, not easier.


How Christmas Lights Remind Us of Jesus

12-19-2021Liturgy CornerPhilip Kosloski

Christmas has always been a "feast of lights," reminding us that Jesus is the "light of the world."

In the Western world, Christmas trees and houses are often lit by electric lights during the darkest time of the year. While this tradition has become commercialized and is practiced by Christians and non-Christians alike, it is rooted in a Christian understanding of who Jesus is.

In the early Church, Jesus was often depicted as Sol Invictus, the “Unconquered Sun.” Meanwhile, December 25 was known in the pagan world as the Dies Natalis Solis Invicti (Birthday of the Unconquered Sun).


Christmas highlights Jesus’ personal love for you

12-12-2021Liturgy CornerPhilip Kosloski

Jesus loved you so much that he came into this world as a little child.

Why did Jesus come into this world? Have you ever thought that he came into this world for you, in a personal way, that he had you in his mind?

We don’t always remember that Jesus didn’t simply come into this world for all of us in a general way, but more importantly, he was born in a stable for each one of us in a personal way. He knew about us and chose to suffer so that we might have life.


Christmas Novenas and Their Beautiful Symbolism

12-05-2021Liturgy CornerPhilip Kosloski

The Church has always had a soft spot for Christmas novenas, whether it is the St. Andrew Prayer or the O Antiphons. The Catholic Church tends to emphasize the need for adequate spiritual preparation before any major feast. Whether its Christmas or Easter, the Church urges its members to prepare their hearts for an encounter with the Lord. Christmas in particular has retained many popular devotions and traditions that go above and beyond the normal Advent preparations.


Catholics can get an indulgence for the dead by praying at a cemetery any day this November

11-07-2021Liturgy CornerCourtney Mares

This year, the Vatican has decided once again to grant a plenary indulgence to Catholics who visit a cemetery to pray for the dead on any day in the month of November.

In a typical year, the Church only grants this plenary indulgence for the souls in Purgatory to those who pray in a cemetery on Nov. 1-8, the week of the Solemnity of All Souls’ Day.


Why do we offer Mass for the Dead?

10-24-2021Liturgy CornerFather William Saunders

The offering of Mass for the repose of the soul of the faithful departed is linked with our belief in Purgatory. We believe that if a person has died fundamentally believing in God but with venial sins and the hurt caused by sin, then God in His divine love and mercy will first purify the soul After this purification has been completed, the soul will have the holiness and purity needed to share in the beatific vision in heaven. While each individual stands judgment before the Lord and must render an account of his life, the communion of the Church shared on this earth continues, except for those souls dammed to hell.


US Bishops ask Catholics to follow St. Joseph by protecting life

10-17-2021Liturgy CornerLisa Zengarini

As the Church in the United States celebrates its annual Respect Life Month, US Bishops are encouraging Catholics to follow in the footsteps of St. Joseph in protecting human life and promoting a culture of life.

The Catholic Church in the United States is observing its annual Respect Life Month. The event is organized every year in October by the US Bishops’ Conference (USCBB) with the aim of encouraging Catholics to help build a culture that cherishes and protects each and every human life. The month’s observance kicked off on October 3, the first Sunday of this month traditionally designated as Respect Life Sunday.


That Sin, Again?

10-03-2021Liturgy CornerBr. Luke VanBerkum, O.P.

Have you ever confessed a sin and then, no matter how earnestly you intended to amend your life, had the desire to commit that sin again? Why aren’t we simply fixed after Confession?

Jesus instituted the Sacrament of Confession that our sins may be forgiven and that we may return to friendship with him. He renews our souls, again filling them through the Holy Spirit with the many spiritual gifts first given to us at Baptism. Yet a certain inclination to sin—not the sin itself— remains. The Tradition calls this inclination the fomes peccati, the tinder for sin, or, we might say, the dregs (CCC 1264).