Parish Coat of Arms

08-12-2021Parish Life

As we prepare to celebrate the parish’s 175th Anniversary next year, we have found the Coat of Arms for our parish.

de Pazzi = Their coat of arms, derived from those of a ducal nobility, depicted distinctive twin dolphins on a blue field with crosses. The Pazzi ancestor fought in the First Crusade (hence, the crosses) and the family was famous for banking especially among travelers (hence, the dolphins, which also symbolize generosity and freedom)

Carmelite coat of arms = a cross is on the summit of Mount Carmel as a distinctive mark of the Discalced Carmelites. On the seal there are also three, six pointed stars which represent the three great epochs in the history of Carmel; the first, or prophetic era, represented by the star inside the mountain, dates from the time of the prophet Elijah to the time of St. John the Baptist: the second, or Greek epoch, when the order spread throughout the east and west, from the time of St. John to the time of Berthold, the first Latin General; and the third, from Berthold to the end of time. Another meaning of the stars is that they stand as a remembrance to the members of the Carmelite order. The star inside the mountain represents the Carmelites who are still on their way to the summit of Mount Carmel (heaven), the other two stars in the sky represent all the Carmelites who have gone before us and have reached the goal of their life’s vocation; union with God in love in the eternal joy of heaven.

Palms are added to St Mary Magdalen de Pazzi to symbolize her prayers for peace and unity