Why Should We Encourage Our Children to be Altar Servers

09-26-2021Liturgy CornerMiriam Esteban Benito

Serving God as an Altar Server is a wonderful way for a child to grow in faith as well as in responsibility, friendship, and other virtues.

I’m convinced of the importance of transmitting the faith to our children starting when they are small. If someone asks me how, I would say that faith is transmitted by spending time in God’s company and in His service through small daily actions. Many factors play a role, but there is a precious activity that is within the reach of all children and which combines these aspects: the role of an altar server.


God’s Grace is Enough


Every day we encounter inconvenience, temptation, and the painful recognition of our own weakness. Thesestruggles can often feel like more than we can bear, so how can we stay afloat? In Eucharistic Adoration Jesusstrengthens us to ‘do battle’ and to view the difficulties of daily life as a participation in His Cross. Not only dowe receive the vision to see reality—but also the hope necessary to endure faithfully to the end. God’s grace issufficient.

Eucharist means Thanksgiving

09-19-2021Eucharistic Adoration

When we go to Mass we are offering God a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving for all that He has done for us and all that He continues to do. In a special way Eucharistic Adoration is also a prayer of thanksgiving. When you find it difficult to pray or do not know what to say to God why not count your blessings? Try to think about the ways God has blessed you today, in this week, in this year. Once you begin to recognize the many ways God is already blessing you, your heart will overflow with praise.

5 Lessons We’ve Learned from 9/11 That Can Help Us Now

09-19-2021Liturgy CornerCerith Gardiner

As we mark the 20th Anniversary of the terrorist attacks, let us reflect on the lessons we carry.

It’s a day that shook America and the rest of the world, and a day that changed us forever. Over these past two decades there has been a tsunami of emotions: from anger to love; from sorrow to hope.

With these sentiments we’ve learned some valuable lessons that show the resilience and courage we’re capable of under the most extraordinary and devastating circumstances, lessons we can carry with us for decades to come that will help honor the lives of the thousands of people who died or were injured on September 11, 2001.


What Does Saint Faustina say about Eucharistic Adoration?

09-12-2021Eucharistic Adoration

Saint Faustina was born in Poland on August 25, 1905 and died in a convent of the Congregation of Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy in Krakow, Poland on October 5, 1938. She was a young religious with only three years of simple education. At the convent she performed the humblest tasks in the kitchen, garden, or as a porter in humble obedience to the will of God. On February 22, 1931,


What’s the Difference Between The Latin Mass and Mass in Latin?

09-12-2021Liturgy CornerPhilip Kosloski

Ever since Vatican II, Catholics have often confused “Mass in Latin,” with “the Latin Mass,” thinking that they were the same liturgy.

However, those two phrases refer to different Masses, though they do have similarities. Mass in Latin

In the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church, Mass has been celebrated in the Latin language since the 3rd century. Originally Mass was primarily celebrated in Greek, which was the common language of most early Christians.


What Short Prayers Could I Pray When I Come to Pray Before the Most Holy Eucharist in Adoration?

09-05-2021Eucharistic Adoration

When you come for a visit with Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist you could use the following two prayers at the beginning of your visit. The third prayer could be prayed before you leave.

Prayer of Adoration
I adore you Jesus, true God, and true man, present in the holy Eucharist, kneeling before you and united in spirit with all the faithful on earth and all the saints in heaven. In gratitude for so great a blessing, I love you with all my heart, for you are worthy of all praise and adoration. Lord Jesus Christ, may I never offend you with my lack of love. May your Eucharistic presence refresh me in body and soul. Mary, Mother of the Eucharistic Lord, pray for me and obtain for me a greater love for Jesus. Amen.


What is a Novena?

09-05-2021Liturgy CornerPhilip Kosloski

Novenas are an ancient part of the the Church’s devotional life and many trace the structure back to the days between Jesus’ ascension and the feast of Pentecost.

Jesus’ final command on earth before ascending into heaven was to “wait for the promise of the Father.”

And while staying with them [Jesus] charged them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait for the promise of the Father, which, he said, “You heard from me, for John baptized with water, but before many days you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit.” (Acts 1:4-5)