Camp Saint Magdalen's

Camp St. Magdalen is a fun, faith-filled week during the summer where the youth of our parish, from kindergarten through 12th grade, come together to learn more about and celebrate our Catholic faith. Campers (grades K-6) visit various stations with their counselors (grades 7-12) throughout the morning and take part in activities that focus on the theme of the week.

At the Tent of Tales, the campers receive catechesis and watch a skit that illustrates the day’s lesson. In Crafts, the campers create a tangible keepsake to remind them of the day’s teaching. When they visit Music, they praise God, our loving Father through song. While refueling at Snack or playing games in Recreation, the campers enjoy the company of their peers and develop their relationships with each other. Each center is led by an adult with help from our older counselors.

Our objective at Camp is not only to further explain Church doctrine to our younger campers but to also offer leadership roles to the youth counselors. Through their leadership, youth counselors have the opportunity to witness to the younger campers and encourage them to continue on their spiritual journeys. These interactions between the youth of our parish at Camp St. Magdalen enable them to have their own personal encounters with Christ.