Parish Financial Report

December 2017

Dear Parishioners,

I want to thank you for your warm welcome as I begin my first year as your new pastor. I am indebted to my predecessor, Fr. Tim Christy, for the wonderful work he did in serving your spiritual needs as your local shepherd. We are blessed, here, at St. Mary Magdalen, with the many priests, deacons and sisters who have ministered here as well as the many, many good parishioners who have been and continue to give generously of their Time, Talent and Treasure.

The parable of the talents is pertinent in our life as a parish. Remember that one fellow buried the talents his master gave him while his two colleagues invested and doubled their money. Rather than an economics lesson, the Gospel parable is about using the gifts God has given us. We must invest in our future. We cannot bury our talents and merely give back what was originally given us. You and I need to invest our Time, our Talent and our Treasure to not just maintain our faith community, but to help it grow. Saving souls for Christ is what we are about. The treasures of our Catholic faith are: 1) the Teachings of our religion (doctrine) as found in the Creed; 2) Sacred Worship (liturgy) as found in the Seven Sacraments; 3) Moral compass (ethical living) as found in the Ten Commandments 4) Spirituality (prayer life) as encapsulated in the Our Father. These four pillars are the basis of the Catechism and are the blueprint for our parish as an organic part of the Mystical Body of Christ.

We have many folks who consistently volunteer their valuable time working in the parish in numerous organizations, committees, clubs, associations, etc., keeping this place a vibrant community. Stewardship is Discipleship put into action. Your generous weekly offering pay the bills and keeps the lights on. Your donations enable us to teach, to worship, and to live the Catholic faith.

I am asking you to pray over how much Time, Talent and Treasure you give to the parish. Our Finance Council has helped me to outline areas where we can continue to cut expenses without effecting service, and I am actively seeking the ways to do so with their help.  We need everyone to invest themselves and not just make token gifts. Spare change will not keep the parish running but Sacrificial Giving will keep us alive and allow us to thrive. If possible, please seriously consider helping us reduce our parish mortgage of $890,909 and eliminate our deficit.  At the same time, we can also look towards the future to increase programs and projects that will expand our parish community. I will continue to work with the members of the Parish Pastoral Council on the latter part and seek their advice.

I thank Peter Cucci who has designed our new Perpetual Adoration Chapel.  Upon approval of the Diocese, we will have a presentation on this project.  In the past, you have raised $117,000 for this venture.   It is my hope that we will be able to stay in budget for construction.  Extra niceties like stain glass windows and statuary in the chapel may need further fundraising.  I will keep you informed.  If you have further inquiry on this area know that the members of the Finance Council, as well as myself, are always available.   Please remember, whatever we do or give in the areas of Time, Talent or Treasure it is always for the greater honor and glory of God. 

May God be praised,
Fr. Brighenti