Commission for Social Justice

“Give! Give the love we have all received to those around you. Give until it hurts, because real love hurts. That is why you must love until it hurts. You must love with your time, your hands, and your hearts. You need to share all that you have. Love, to be real, must hurt. If you want to love the poor, you must share with them. If you want poverty to disappear, share it.” Mother Teresa

For more information, please contact Sr. Maria Lan Nguyen at (908) 782-1773.

Bereavement Ministry

As disciples’ of Jesus Christ, the Bereavement Ministry of Saint Magdalen de Pazzi Roman Catholic Church exists to provide spiritual support and care in a safe confidential environment to parishioners and other community members who are grieving the loss of a loved one. We are aware that grief is an intensely personal event and that grief is a continuing development, involving many changes over time.   For more information, please call Joan Purdy at (908) 369-4841.

Divorce Care Support Group

Provides emotional and spiritual support for the many who experience the pain and isolation of separation and divorce. For more information, please contact Toni Martin at (908) 391-5063 or

ELL (English Language Learning)

Help people with the process of gaining knowledge or skill to communicate to others and build up their confidence for themselves.  For more information, please contact Jim Tubman at (908) 963-0546 or

Homebound Group

Homebound is an opportunity for the elderly to come together for faith, fellowship, food and support.  For more information, please contact Sr. Maria Lan Nguyen at (908) 782-1773 or

Lord’s Supper (Feeding Those in Need)

Lord’s Supper prepares and distributes meals to those in need in Flemington and surrounding areas as well as visits with the sick.  Parishioners are needed to assist with the preparation and distribution of the meals on the second and fourth Saturday of each month.  For more information, please contact Pat Beckman (908) 788-5174 or

Our Lady of Hope House

Hope House is God’s house where everyone is welcome. This is the heart of evangelization. Our role is to serve but OUR RESPONSIBILITY IS TO LOVE!  What we give is important but HOW WE GIVE is even more important.  Hope House provides Spiritual and corporal works of mercy, which help people to become part of our community and part of the family of the Church.  For more information, please contact Sr. Maria Lan Nguyen at (908) 782-1773 or

Purly Girls (Knitters)

This group serves to comfort those who are in need or are suffering by creating hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, and shawls.  They treat each creation as a work of art and see God in every one.  For more information, please call Barbara Assman at (908) 788-9335.

Respect for Life Ministry

The Respect for Life ministry recalls that Saint John Paul II said that the pillars of this mission are the defense of the unborn child and the elderly – to defend against abortion and euthanasia (Gospel of Life).  We respect and recognize the needs of the sick, the despairing, the addicted, the refugee, the immigrant and the poor.  We strive to foster prayer, to educate, and to advocate for life.  For more information, please contact Sr. Maria Lan Nguyen at (908) 782-1773 or

St. Vincent de Paul (Food Pantry)

St. Vincent de Paul’s Food Pantry at Hope House provides assistance to those in need on a daily basis.  Some of the assistance provided are food, clothing, utilities, rent, gift cards and transportation.  For more information, please contact Tom Jeffas at (201) 637-3270.