An alternative to traditional weekday “CCD” classes, the Symbolon faith formation for families brings the entire family together on Sunday mornings beginning with the Mass. After Mass concludes, families gather for breakfast and have the opportunity to engage in conversation with a cup of coffee. Formation classes for the children start after breakfast and the parents gather together and explore Scripture, the teachings of the Church, the basis of the sacraments, the lives of the saints, virtue, and how to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Symbolon engages families in a captivating method of living the Catholic faith at home, at work, at school and in our community.

The Symbolon program meets on Sundays beginning with the 9:00 AM Mass followed by breakfast. Formation classes begin at 10:30 and end at 11:45 AM. At least one parent must attend, both are warmly welcomed!

Symbolon Witnesses


"My daughter doesn’t complain to come to church, she wants to go to CCD—she wants to learn.  It’s totally different than the struggle I hear from so many people, getting their kids to CCD after homework, after a long day at school."

Watch the video to hear more about Tara's experience with Symbolon.


"As a parent, Symbolon has taught me so many things I didn’t learn even going through Catholic school from kindergarten through high school.  I feel like I’m now learning about my Catholic faith and for that, I’m so grateful."

Watch the video to hear more about Marilyn's experience with Symbolon.