Evangelization & Catechesis of Children & Youth

St. Magdalen’s is blessed with a vibrant and well-organized religious education program, under the Office of Catechesis (Religious Education) that serves over 400 children each year. We provide religious education and preparation for the Sacraments of Holy Communion, Penance, and Confirmation. The Commission for Evangelization & Catechesis of Children & Youth partners directly with parents and is always open to the Spirit for innovative, creative, and dynamic ways to reach our young people and provide opportunities for them to meet and grow in Christ. The work of our many catechists makes this possible.

Please prayerfully consider sharing your gifts and talents in one of the ministries listed below. To learn more including what training is provided for each ministry, contact the ministry leader.

Catholic Home-Schooling Families - provide witness to our whole community of commitment to integral Catholic formation as central to the education and raising of children. Our home-schooling families also contribute to many areas of our parish’s liturgical and social life.

Catechists - a group of over 50 stewards (catechist, aides, office and support staff) who offer their time, talent, and energy each week to assist parents in the essential task of teaching, forming and preparing for the sacraments more than 400 children in our catechetical program. Catechists rely on scripture, prayer, liturgical and sacramental lessons designed to support each child’s development in the faith.

Youth Ministry – participants work with the coordinator of youth ministry to create opportunities for faith formation, prayer, fellowship, and service to high school aged youth in our parish. For more information, please contact Bill Tackett at (908) 751-1713or btackett@stmagdalen.org.

* This is not an exhaustive list of all stewardship opportunities, as new ministries continue to emerge and take root in our community. While some groups are not currently in need of volunteers, we encourage you to contact organizers for more information.